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China Timber and Wood Products 

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China Wood Importers Committee

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 Conference Agenda

7th China Global Wood Trade Conference Agenda

Sept. 6-7   |   Chengdu·China 


6th September 2017  Conference & Business Matching

09:10-10:20        Remarks & Keynote Speech

     China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association

09:00-09:05           Welcome Adress

                           Mr. Zhu Hexin

                           Vice govenor of Sichuan Provincial Government

09:05-09:10           Welcome Adress

      Mr. Liu Nengwen

      President of China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association

09:10-09:30           The Present Situation and Trends of Global Trade in China s Perspective

      Ms. Zhao Ping

      Department of International Trade Research in CCPIT Academy 

                              Director & Research Fellow

09:30-09:50           Outlook of China s Imported Wood Industry

                              Mr. Zhu Guangqian

                              Chief expert of China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association

09:50-10:05           The outlook of China s Furniture Industry

      Ms. Zhang Bingbing

      China National Furniture Association

10:05-10:20           The development of  China s wood Construction


10:10-10:20           The Announcement of CWIC's Code of Conduct

10:20-10:30           Q&A

10:30-10:45           Coffee Break & Visit the Exhibition


10:45-12:10         The New Trends of Wood Industry 

10:45-11:00           The Promotion of The Belt & Road Initiative to The Wood Industry

11:00-11:15            A case study of China's forestry management

                               Mr. Yang Kening

                               Vice Secretary and  governer of  Aba Prefecture

11:15-11:30            E-commerce: The Combination of Internet and Wood trade

      Mr. Lin Hui

      Deputy General Manager of China International Timber Exchange

11:30-11:45            Russian Wood Industry


11:45-12:00            Japan, a wood supply country with great potential   

                                         Mr. Jun Fukuda

                               Principal Deputy Director of Forestry Agency of Japan Wood Use Promotion Division    

12:00-12:10            Q&A

12:10-13:30            Buffet Lunch


Session A: The Changing Global Wood Market:The Strategic Restruction of Softwood Supply Countries

14:00-14:05          Guests Introduction

14:05-14:15             Finland     

                             Mr. Kai Merivoiri

                             Finnish Sawmills Association  Managing Director

14:15-14:25          Russian     

                             Mr. Martin Hermansson

                             RFI Consortium Ltd.  CEO

14:25-14:35          Japan    

                             Mr. Horikawa Yasuyuki

                             Chugoku Lumber Co.,Ltd.  Preseident

14:35-14:45          Canada      

                             Mr.Jeffery Zweig

                             Timberwest Forest Corp. CEO

14:45-14:55          New Zealand     

                              Mr. Jon Tanner

                              Wood Processors & Manufactures Association of New Zealand  President 

14:55-16:00         Forum

16:00-18:00         Business Matching

Session B: Challenges & Opportunities: The Strategies and Market Positioning of Hardwood Suppliers

14:00-14:05           Guests Introduction

14:05-14:15           North America    

                                        Mr. Michael.S.Hubbard

                              International Trade Director of Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina 

14:15-14:25           Germany      

                               Mr.Stephan Fritsch

                               Pollmeier Massivholz GmbH & Co. KG  Export Director

14:25-14:35            Lithuania    

14:35-14:45            Africa      

                                Mr.Anciet Ngomin

                               Regeneration,Reforestation and Woodland Extension,Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife 

                               Head of Monitoring Unit

14:45-14:55            Brazil

                                         Mr. Felipe Duarte

                               Managing Director of  TOP LOG TRADE

15:00-16:00            Forum

16:00-18:00            Business Matching

Session C: Focus on Western China

14:00-14:05           Guests Introduction

14:05-14:20           The current situation and future trends of furniture industry in Chengdu 

14:20-14:35           The wooden window and door industry in Chengdu

14:35-14:50           The promotion of logistics to the development of wood industry  

14:50-16:00           Forum

16:00-18:00           Business Matching

18:00-20:00       Welcome Reception


7th September 2017  Industry Tour

08:30-09:30         Take bus from Jinjing Hotel to Qiangbaijiang International Timber Trade Market

09:30-10:30          Tour Qingbaijiang International Timber Trade Market

10:30-11:00          Take bus to Chengdu Intenrational Land Port Committee

11:00-12:00          Tour Chengdu International Land Port 

12:00-13:00          Lunch

13:00-14:00          Take bus from Qingbaijiang to Chongzhou 

14:00-15:00          Tour Furniture factory

15:00-15:20          Take bus from furniture factory to wooden door factory

15:20-16:20          Tour wooden door factory

16:20-17:20          Take bus from Chongzhou to Jinjiang Hotel


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