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7th GWT China to be held in Chengdu in September 2017

It was announced that the 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference (GWT China) will be held in Chengdu China during Sept. 6–7, 2017,  in concurrently with the First China Global Wood Products Expo.

In 2016, China imported 33.99 million cubic meters of softwood log, increased 13.1% year on year, while the volume of imported hardwood logs were 14.76 million m3 with a 1.73% increase YoY. Meanwhile, China imported softwood lumber of 21.58 million m3 (up 23.58% YoY) and hardwood lumber of 10.56 m3 (an increase of 15.93% YoY). During the past year, the timber and wood products industry of China has achieved a stable performance, the integration of traditional markets is speeding up, and the development of the emerging market is getting fast.

Committed to strategically exploring an sustainable approach for global wood trade from existing problems, the 7th GWT China aims to provide a platform to figure out future opportunities and challenges worldwide, meanwhile offering an insight into wood processing and trade of Sichuan Province as represented by Chengdu. Additionally, the Conference works as a bridge between Chengdu-based wood enterprises and global wood suppliers and manufacturers, thus injecting new vigor into wood trade of Sichuan and its surrounding areas.

Chengdu, the center of technology, commerce, finance and transportation in southwest China, the most potential market in the next decade. It is also the largest production base of panel furniture and one of the top 5 bases of furniture manufacturing. With the huge market of 82 million population in Sichuan and a spread market of southeast China, part of Southeast Asia and central Asia, Chengdu is developing at a remarkable pace to become a new economic drive that can stimulate the whole timber and wood products industry in China by grasping the opportunity of development of Chengdu-Chongqing Circle and the One Belt & One Road strategy.

Sichuan was one of the main places of forestry and provided a large volume of timber for China in the past decades, made great contribution to the national economy, but with the development of social economy, it had been developed into a manufacturing base and an important market instead of a raw material supplier. Beside the well-known furniture industry, wooden construction now is the most potential industry in Chengdu according to its multiracial culture and the demand of the solid wood furniture is increasing. The annual volume of the demand of wood is about 16 -20 million m3 in Sichuan and the neighboring area.

The 7th China Global Wood Trade Conference (GWT China)will be held in Chengdu during Sept. 7–8, 2017, with a view to conforming to new trend, pattern, and characteristics in global wood trade, and bringing together domestic and international wood traders and industry figures for exchanges on information about global wood market, technology, and for business talks, thereby helping them learn about opportunities brought to relevant countries and industries by Chinese wood industry, and promoting legal trade and sustainable development of timber and wood globally.

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