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China Wood Importers Committee

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Every year, Chinese and international experts in wood industry, including high-level government officials, reprsentatives of international organizations, industrial associations and outstanding companies will talk about current situation and outlook of Chinese and global wood market.

 Guest presentations of  7th GWT China Conference

Mr. Zhu Guangqian
   China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association    

Chief Expert, Former President


Mr. Zhu Guangqian, graduating from Beijing Forestry University in 1965, has over 40 years of experience within the timber industry. He has served as Section Chief and Department Chief in important state administrative departments in charge of means of production, namely the Ministry of Goods and Materials, the Ministry of Internal Trade, the State Administration of Internal Trade, and the President of China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association. Mr Zhu has authored many publications on the aspect of timber. Currently, he serves as the Honorary President of China Timber and Wood Products Distribution Association and expert for Modern Timberwork Technology Project of Ministry of Housing and Urban – Rural Development.

Presentation Topic:

Current Situation and Prospect of China Imported Timber Industry

Presentation Outline:

1. The Wood Demand & Supply in Chinese Market

2. The Status of the Imported Wood in China (logs, lumber and the species, prices, stocks, etc)

3. The Brief Description of the Wood Products Trade


Zhang Bingbing

China National Furniture Association

Vice Board Chairman & Secretary General

Presentation Topic:

The Demand of China’s Wooden Furniture for Imported Wood

Presentation Outline:

1. Current situation of China’s wooden furniture.

2. The production, distribution of wooden furniture industry.

3. The application of imported timber in the production of wooden furniture.

4. Characteristics and future trends of wooden furniture’s demand for wood.

Jeffery Zweig

TimberWest Forest Corp.

President and Chief Executive Officer


Jeffery Zweig has a B.A. (Hons), LL.B. and M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario.He is a member of the Board of Governors and Executive Committee of the Business Council of British Columbia, and a Board member of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer which has the mandate to implement Canada’s national cancer control strategy.

Jeff was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of TimberWest in January, 2015.   He came to the role with over two decades of experience primarily in executive roles in the resource sector. Over the course of his career, Jeff has led teams in a variety of locations around the world, and across a number of different businesses and commodities.

Presentation Topic: 

Updates of Canadian Timber Market

Presentation Outline:

1. Introduction of Canadian Timber Resources

2.The changes of Canadian timber supply and its affected factors 

       ( New things, signals and softwood lumber dispute between  US and Canada Timber                                supply forcasts TimberWest future strategy )

Martin Hermansson

RFI Consortium Ltd.



Martin Hermansson, born 1982, is a Swedish national and originates from a family with a long tradition of managing their own forests and sawmilling in Sweden. Mr. Hermansson studied Economics and Finance at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences (United Kingdom). Mr. Hermansson has been living in Russia since 2005. In recent years, Mr. Hermansson held top executive positions in companies active in Russian timber harvesting, sawmilling and wood processing industries and worked in the Arkhangelsk region since 2007 as CEO of Nord Timber Group, and later, after the merger of Nord Timber Group with RusForest AB in 2010, also in Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk as CEO of the publicly-listed  RusForest AB holding. He founded RFI Consortium in 2012 and currently serves as its CEO. In 2013 Martin Hermansson and RFI Consortium started co-operation with NE/Novo when RFI Consortium financed the expansion program of that mill. In the beginning of 2015 RFI Consortium Ltd. became one of the two main owners and was appointed as the management company for JSC Novoyeniseiskiy Wood-Chemical complex (NE/Novo). Martin Hermanssons management has lead to increased harvesting, installation of Russia’s fastest new log sorting line with 72 pockets at a speed of above 160 m/min (Springer, Austria) as well as a new high-speed sawline (EWD, Germany) and two new green sorting lines (Springer, Austria). Upon these investments, the record production has already lead to a in July 2017 reached record cutting of more than 5000 m3 of saw logs in one working day!

Presentation Topic:

The developments of Wood Industry Between China and Russia

Presentation Outline:

1.Russian Timber & Wood Products Industry

    (Resources, Forestry management, trade, etc)

 2.The future trends of wood industry 

    (Trade to ChinaOpportunities of investment.)

Horikawa Yasuyuki

Chugoku Lumber Co.,Ltd.

Board Chairman

Mr. Horikawa Yasuyuki, graduating from Hiroshima Hiroshima prefectural high school in March 1995, entered Chugoku Lumber Co.,Ltd. at the same year. From 1960 to 1972, he served as senior managing director. After that, he held a important post of Light preform factoryCo.,Ltd. and West Kyushu Wood Business Collaborative Combination. Since 2015, Mr. Horikawa Yasuyuki serves as board chairman of Chugoku Lumber Co.,Ltd.

Presentation Topic: 

The Strategies of Japan’s Wood Manufacturing & Export

Presentation Outline:

1. the current situation of Japan Timber & Wood Products Industry 

2. the analysis of global wood supply & demand

Michael Hubbard

Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina

Director, International Trade

Mr. Michael Hubbard obtained his Bachelor of German and Political Science in Auburn University, Alabama, in1990. After that, he pursued his study in Heidelberg University, Baylor University, and the United States Air Force Air Command Staff College (civilian). He has served as the legislative assistant at the United States House of Representatives, Washington, D.C, senate general committee of South Carolina Senate, Columbia, South Carolina and the vice president of National Council of Textile Organization, etc. Now he is the international trade director of the Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina.

During his career, he devotes himself to analyzing the market tendency, pushing trading development of various aspects and promoting the rural international trading, to draw up a trading blue print with global Business services team.

Presentation Topic:

US timber market

Presentation Outline:

1.US Forest resources and timber supply

   (Timber resources and the potential timber supplying quantity)

2.US Timber market demand and the future supplying to China.

   (Domestic economy and timber demand, the timber number could be supplied to China)

3.The position of Chinese market in US timber industry

   (The view US timber industry on Chinese market)

Ngomin Anicet

Head of Monitoring Unit, Regeneration, Reforestation and Woodland Extension

Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF), Cameroon

Mr. Anicet NGOMIN holds a Water and Forestry Technical Engineer Diploma (1991) and a Diploma of Specialized Studies in Plant Seeds Technology (2003). For 26 years he officiates in the Ministry in charge of forests of Cameroon where he, among others, held the following positions: Head of Regional Department for the Promotion and Transformation of Forest Products, Adamawa Region (2005-2011); Deputy Director of Accreditations and Forest Taxation (Forest Department) - Project Manager of the timber traceability programme in Cameroon (2011-2012); Since September 17, 2012: Head of the Monitoring Unit of Regeneration, Reforestation and Woodland Extension.
He is a High Official of the forestry sector in Cameroon and familiar with cooperation agreements between Cameroon and other countries including the signing of the Cameroon-EU’s VPA FLEGT. Given his expertise in forest governance, legality, traceability and sustainable management of forestry resources; Mr. Anicet NGOMIN have participated on the behalf of the Cameroon Ministry in charge of Forestry to several meetings, workshops and fora. He has several publications including the latest funded by GIZ and entitled "Second Generation Sylviculture in Cameroon: conceptual basis and operationalization scheme" (November 2015).

Presentation Topic: 

Cameroon Forestry Sector with an Emphasis on Relationship between MINFOF and the Private Sector Notably Chinese Operators

Presentation Outline:  

1.Current situation of the wood industry of Cameroon
2.The relationship between MINFOF of Cameroon and the private sectors of the operators
3.How to contribute to a sustainable future

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